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A micro-invasive bridge

A European patented innovation, the 3D GATEWAY™ was born in France. Multiple advantages, summarized here, allow this new prosthesis to surpass classical bridges and implant crowns.

Why the 3D GATEWAY™ ?
  • Two visits are enough
  • Fast preparation without surgery nor implant
  • Vitality, functionality, and shade of teeth preserved
For which patients?
  • Patients wishing to keep abutment teeth alive
  • With low bone height or hemorrhagic disease
  • Undecided, put off by the implant crown and 3-unit bridge
How to install it in three steps?
  1. Register as a dental partner
  2. Follow the remote training session
  3. Receive the preparation kit and procedure


Comparison of joint prostheses

The 3D GATEWAY™ fix prosthesis wins seven patient adoption criteria, compared to only one to four for its less modern rivals. The comparative table below summarizes its advantages over the three-unit bridge and the implant crown.


Adoption Criteria
Three-unit Bridge
Implant Crown

Micro-invasive solution

More aesthetic solution

Faster preparation/pose

No devitalization of adjacent healthy tooth


No prior surgery


No risk of rejection

No healing time



In case of unaligned teeth
  • The self-locking pontic compensates for any misalignment
  • It incorporates solid anchors down to the undercut
  • It is capped by a personalized crown locking the system
In case of treated (or to be treated)
  • The prosthesis is extensible: inlay-onlay, existing crown, endocrown
  • Crowns can be laminated for an optimal finish
  • The result is robust, functional and aesthetic
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